The Southern Tour: Day Four

So many people showed up in Dothan, Montgomery, and Huntsville that by the time I got to Knoxville, we’d run out of copies of And God Said. We had tried to order more, but thanks to a massive snowstorm in the mid-Atlantic, next-day delivery was unavailable.

I was delighted to see some 100 people at the final stop on my tour through the south. They came from two local communities, from neighboring churches, and from the University of Tennessee. And while I didn’t have any copies of And God Said left to sign, we still had a few copies of my NYU Press publication, In the Beginning.

Delta is my airline, so I usually fly through Atlanta from this part of the world. It’s a good thing I ended up with a direct flight back to New York this time. All of the flights through Atlanta are canceled because of snow.


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