The JBC Tour: Boulder

Colorado Traffic Jam

Colorado Traffic Jam

Boulder was my fourth climate in a week (and my fifth time zone, thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time).

I arrived in time to take a day trip to beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, and to the neighboring city called Estes Park, where I got stuck in what I’m calling a “Colorado traffic jam,” caused by a herd of elk crossing main street. (Here is a close up of one of these magnificent animals.)

Boulder is a delightful city. I didn’t see nearly enough of it, but I did find time to enjoy the downtown pedestrian mall. I also stumbled upon a superb breakfast spot: Walnut Cafe. The South Side location — supervised by the friendly and efficient Julia Buonanno — gave me unusually good food in a fun and welcoming environment.

My lecture Sunday night was attended by the usual crowd, and, in addition, students from the local university. It was a pleasant surprise to have them there.

Boulder marks the end of my November JBC tour, but tomorrow I drive to Elmira, NY, to give the 15th Annual Yachad Lecture.


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