The Louisiana Trip

Louisiana Geese
Louisiana Geese. (See larger image.)

It was supposed to be a nice, short trip to Baton Rouge. I was to leave on Friday, offer a sermon Friday night, give a lecture Saturday night, and return Sunday.

The good news is that Baton Rouge was delightful. I met some wonderfully friendly people on Friday and I was greeted by an enthusiastic audience Saturday night. I even found time in between to enjoy a spring-like day by driving to see literally tens of thousands of geese. (The photo above doesn’t really do justice to the amazing experience of seeing so many geese take flight at once.)

Unfortunately, a snowstorm in New York on Friday meant that I almost didn’t make it out. Delta canceled the first leg of my flight, and I just barely managed to find an alternative route through Memphis.

Then yesterday’s combination of a wind and rain storm in Louisiana and snow and ice throughout most of the south winnowed my options for returning down to one: a direct flight from New Orleans. Sadly, mechanical difficulties forced the cancellation of that flight last night. And today it’s delayed. All of my other choices involve transferring through an airport that’s practically closed, so here I wait, biding my time in the New Orleans airport.

The local Delta staff have been kind and accommodating. But if I can’t leave soon, I’ll get stuck in the snowstorm that’s heading for New York.

Winter travel is a joy.


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