The Europe Trip: London (Day 8)

Having just barely managed to catch my return train from Amsterdam to London, I arrived into St. Pancras train station at 5:00pm local time ready for a break. I didn’t have to teach until 8:00 that evening, and I figured my destination in North London was less than an hour away.

I decided to buy dinner in St. Pancras and have a little picnic in the station, eating a leisurely dinner while taking advantage of the WiFi that can be found if you sit in the right spot.

St. Pancras sports a wide variety of restaurants and markets, so I had no trouble finding something tasty for dinner.

Unfortunately, after dinner I discovered that one thing missing from this modern, attractive, and large station is anywhere to throw away garbage. I suspect that the lack of bins (as the locals say) is a response to the modern scourge of terrorism, the idea being that this way there’s one fewer place to hide a bomb. Whatever the reason, I walked the entire length of the station before deciding to pack my garbage and dispose of it later.

Then a quick Tube ride took me to Finchley, where I arrived in plenty of time to teach a workshop on “The Bible Doesn’t Say That: How the King James Version Led Us All Astray.”


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