Stewart International Airport

I’m off to lecture in West Lafayette, Indiana, leaving, for the first time from Stewart International Airport. And so far it’s a great way to travel.

I’ve mentioned before that the major New York City airports strike me as islands of the Third World right here in the middle of the First, so I took a chance and headed north instead of south to find an airport. I’ve previously had back luck with White Plains, which should be nice but isn’t, so I didn’t know what to expect here. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.

The airport is clean, spacious, and relaxed. I would have been first in line at security, except that I was the only one at security, so there was no line to be first in. And the TSA workers were professional and friendly.

There’s no Delta frequent-flier club here, no yuppie food, and no one to give me an iced soy latte. But it’s worth it.

This trip is off to a great start.


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