The Fordham Symposium on Language in Liturgy

Letting Us Pray: A Symposium on Language in Liturgy
Letting Us Pray: A Symposium on Language in Liturgy. Left to Right at Front: Judith Kubicki, Julia Upton, Joel M. Hoffman, Matthew Ernest, and Thomas Scirghi.

Photo by David Joshua Ford.

I had the privilege and treat yesterday to take part in “Letting Us Pray: A Symposium on Language in Liturgy,” at Fordham University. With me were Julia Upton, Ph.D., R.S.M, who gave the keynote to which I responded, and two other respondents: Thomas Scirghi, Ph.D., S.J., and Rev. Matthew Ernest, S.T.D. The symposium was prompted by the new Roman Missal, and the discussion was loosely focused around that.

I found two issues particularly interesting. First, Dr. Upton spoke about her desire for a connection between liturgy and social action. And secondly, a notion that was downplayed in the original guidelines for the Missal came up repeatedly: a “sacral vernacular” for translation, which, as I understand it, is the goal that the translation should be recognizable as English, but also uniquely recognizable as liturgy. (There’s much more here.)

It was a particularly interesting and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.


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